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When you die, 40% of your assets above the Inheritance Tax nil rate band, which is currently set at £325,000, is payable to HM Revenue & Customs. Having already been taxed on your earnings and your pension, the prospect of giving up a large share of your hard-earned assets on death is considered by many to be unfair.

There are a number of ways to mitigate your exposure to Inheritance Tax, such as using trusts and gifts. However, these can take many years to be fully effective, can incur upfront tax charges and may require you to give up control and use of your assets. Given that you may need to access your savings in later years, for example to supplement your pension, this is less than ideal.

TIME offers tailored solutions for individuals and business owners, looking for ways to address their Inheritance Tax liabilities:

TIME:Advance – our Inheritance Tax solution for individuals
TIME:CTC – our Inheritance Tax solution for small businesses