At TIME, client service sits at the heart of everything we do. To offer the exceptional service level we expect of ourselves, our teams are always happy to go above and beyond to create an experience that both we and the client are proud of.


Denese Molyneux, Molyneux Financial Planning


“The one thing that always stands out in my dealings with TIME is their high level of client care. They have a field based team who I am able to meet face to face, office based team always available for my urgent queries and an exceptional fund team that have always been accessible when I have needed in depth knowledge for my clients. The team consistently go the extra mile and it is always clear that they really take pride in what they do.”


Matt Sand, Oculus Wealth Management


“I wasn’t familiar with TIME until I received an invite to one of their adviser workshops on IHT planning through BPR, which they were running in my local area. At the workshop I was pleasantly surprised that the Business Development Manager from TIME provided a genuinely useful event rather than exploiting the chance to merely talk about TIME’s range of products. He provided technical and legislative background to BPR and illustrated how their products are structured to make use of it for investors. I’ve since attended further events and specifically found the case studies that TIME provide very valuable. TIME have a nationwide team meaning there is a local BDM on hand to answer any questions. This can be a useful source of information and insight, especially around supporting due diligence requirements when coupled with access to the investment team at TIME, who can provide greater detail on TIME’s underlying investments.”


Richard Tubey, Spencer Gardner Dickins


“I’ve been extremely pleased with the investment my client made in TIME:CTC; the customer service both myself and the client have received, coupled with the strong performance, has been exemplary. My client was a joint owner of a family-run firm and high cash reserves meant they were likely to lose their BPR qualification. In 2012 my client invested £2.6 million in to TIME:CTC, having been impressed with the expertise and professionalism of the specialist investment team at TIME. Two and a half years later my client sadly died and we started the process of liquidating her investment which had grown in value to £2.95 million – exceeding the target return. The process for exiting TIME:CTC has been simple and straightforward and the product has delivered what we wanted.”


Adam Newnham, Vision Independent Financial Planning


“I have always been impressed with TIME’s service, but none more so than when one of my largest clients needed to withdraw their c£4m investment for business purposes. Upon notification TIME pulled out all the stops to withdraw my client’s cash. With just a two week deadline TIME were able to provide full liquidity for my client. The deadline was met with time to spare and both my client and I couldn’t have asked for a better response and service from TIME.”


Richard Harry, HHPG


“One of my clients approached me with concerns about her IHT liabilities. After researching we decided a BPR solution was the most suitable option for her needs. With the client’s specific requirements in mind, I decided to split the investment across five BPR providers. Sadly, just two months after making the investment the client unexpectedly passed away. Clearly they were well short of the two year qualification period required by HMRC to qualify for BPR, meaning the IHT relief was not granted. I spoke to all five of the product providers to explain the situation and ask if anything could be done. TIME stood out from the competition for its excellent customer service; they listened to my concerns and decided to make a change to their investment terms and return their initial fee from the investment as well as waive their deferred annual management charge and exit fee. They were the only provider to do so; the others simply weren’t interested. I understand TIME has now implemented this change for all new investors into TIME:Advance which is great news for other advisers and potential investors. My experience of working with TIME versus the other product providers means I am now a very firm supporter of the business. I intend to use them for all relevant cases and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them over the coming years.”


Allenbride Report for TIME:Advance – our individual BPR service

“The underlying project level returns of TIME’s BPR trades are lower than some rival products while delivering similar net returns to competing products, implying that all other things being equal the Manager charges lower fees.”

“TIME is an established, well-capitalised and well-resourced manager in alternative tax efficient investments, which has grown its presence to one of the market leaders [in BPR].”

“[TIME:Advance] has demonstrated good levels of liquidity, with every redeeming investor receiving their withdrawal request within the two week time frame.”


Allenbridge Report for TIME:CTC – our corporate BPR service

“The management team has its roots in a management company which developed one of the strongest records in managing alternative tax efficient investment.”


Allenbridge Report for TIME:EIS Shipping

“TIME is an established, well-capitalised and well-resourced manager in alternative tax efficient investments, with a growing presence thanks to a commitment to building a sales force able to challenge market leaders.”

“Although TIME markets to retail-facing financial advisers, its operational processes and procedures are of institutional quality thanks to the input of its parent company”

“TIME has acted with openness and transparency in the compiling of this review by Allenbridge”