The TIME group manages over £2.4 billion of funds under management.

TIME Investments is an award winning investment manager specialising in tax efficient investment solutions and long income property funds. TIME manages over £400 million in BR qualifying assets under management and our original Inheritance Tax (IHT) service holds a 22 year track record of successfully achieving IHT savings for our investors, which we believe is the longest in our market. We also manage two innovative open ended property funds, which invest in residential ground rents and commercial property subject to long leases. Our original fund, TIME:Freehold, boasts a 25 year track record of delivering consistent, inflation beating returns and continuous liquidity.

At TIME, our mission is to create transparent investment opportunities that bring long lasting peace of mind to investors and their financial advisers. To do this we have established a culture that revolves around our clients, with our teams regularly going above and beyond to create an experience that we are proud of. We do not take any unnecessary risks and are recognised for our exceptional customer service.

With a nationwide business development team of over 30, we are dedicated to supporting the adviser market.


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Tempo structured products is a sister company to TIME Investments, with both businesses sitting within the Alpha Real Capital group. Tempo offers a new generation of straightforward, lower risk retail structured products for professional advisers and their clients. The newly launched suite of products includes kick-out, growth and income propositions.


About Tempo
Tempo is founded upon a commitment to lower risk products, underpinned by operational strength and a focus on robust governance, presented with transparency and integrity, and exceptional support and exemplary service for professional advisers and their clients.

Tempo’s emphasis is on working closely with professional advisers to advance and enhance the value that can be gained from structured products, for the benefit of their clients.

The tempo suite of products is available exclusively through TIME Investments, the professional adviser-facing arm of Alpha Real Capital.


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