Why invest in TIME:UK Infrastructure Income?



The UK infrastructure sector is highly diverse and has low correlation to other asset classes. Infrastructure assets are capable of transcending cycles as they provide crucial services to the economy.


Consistent income with capital growth prospects

Sustainable and regular dividends, distributed quarterly to shareholders. Consistent returns are often supported by long term contracted revenues from high quality counterparties.


Lower volatility

Focus on securities with defensive characteristics, such as low debt, to enhance risk-adjusted returns over the long term.


Inflation protection

Infrastructure assets often have income streams directly linked to the rate of inflation, protecting income returns in real terms.


Downside mitigation

Investment process is designed to pick securities that are capable of mitigating capital losses during times of market stress.


UK focus

All securities are GBP denominated and listed in the UK. Underlying infrastructure assets are also mostly based in the UK.


Where we invest

  • Infrastructure – Companies that own the physical assets that are vital to the UK’s economic development. They include toll roads, utility networks, logistic networks and railways.
  • Renewable Energy – Companies which harness energy from renewable sources such as the sun, wind, water and convert it through proven technologies into energy, helping to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Real Estate – Companies which own and manage the hospitals, offices, warehouses, storage centres, shopping centres and homes in the UK.
  • Secured Lending Companies – Companies which specialise in providing debt finance, secured against real assets such as renewable energy and infrastructure investments.
  • Social Infrastructure Companies – Companies which own the real estate and infrastructure that social services operate from. Sectors that sit within social infrastructure include housing, healthcare and educational facilities.


The investment process

A unique and proven investment process utilising a combination of active and factor-based investment strategies


The investment case

Investment in bridges, roads, rail networks, hospitals, and the growing need for more sustainable, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind farms, means these sectors are the cornerstone of the UK’s economic and social welfare. This makes for an attractive investment opportunity. The assets are long term investments, with high barriers to entry, and underlying revenues are often underpinned by long term government-backed subsidies or other long term contracted payments.


Find out more

We recognise our solutions are not appropriate for all circumstances and it is important investors receive the right advice, which is why we recommend you seek independent financial advice before choosing to invest.

If you would like to find out more about TIME:UK Infrastructure Income please speak to your local Business Development Manager or contact us.