Why choose TIME:Advance?

  • Target return of 3% – 4.5% per annum
  • Highest scoring Martin Churchill Tax Efficient Review and MJ Hudson review
  • Independent Advisory Committee formed of industry experts
  • Team of over 30 Business Development Managers based nationwide to support financial advisers and their clients
  • Winner at Investment Week’s Tax Efficiency Awards and Intelligent Partnership’s Growth Investor Awards


Where does TIME:Advance invest?

TIME:Advance invests in asset-backed trading businesses, which in turn qualify for BR. TIME:Advance targets a return of 3% – 4.5% per annum, on the net amount invested after fees and costs.

The investment portfolio for TIME:Advance currently includes:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Biomass energy
  • Property lending
  • Operational real estate finance
  • Self-storage
  • Commercial forestry

Our experienced in-house team of 30 investment managers carries out origination, structuring, credit analysis and asset management across these BR qualifying trades.

Alongside our investment team, TIME has established a fully independent Advisory Committee, which oversees the investments within TIME:Advance. The Advisory Committee also provides additional industry sector advice and, where relevant, additional advice on individual opportunities. Members are selected specifically for their strong knowledge of and track record in sectors in which we are likely to participate, and are independent of TIME. Further details, including information on members of the Advisory Committee are available in the brochure for TIME:Advance.


Industry recognition

TIME has been named Best BR Investment Manager three times at Intelligent Partnership’s Growth Investor Awards. These awards recognise providers specialising in BR qualifying investments who can demonstrate innovation in product development and their impact on SME growth.

TIME:Advance has been named Best IHT Portfolio Service twice at Investment Week’s Tax Efficiency Awards. These awards acknowledge IHT portfolio service providers who deliver both an excellent service and promote a greater understanding of the sector.


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Find out more

We recognise our solutions are not appropriate for all circumstances and it is important investors receive the right advice, which is why we ask you to seek independent financial advice before choosing to invest.

If you would like to find out more about TIME:Advance please speak to your local Business Development Manager or contact us.


Potential investors

If you are an investor who is interested in our investment opportunities and you do not already have a financial adviser, you may wish to visit the independent comparison site unbiased.co.uk to find a professional adviser in your local area.


Important information

The value of an investment in this service can fall as well as rise and investors might not get back the amount they originally put in. The availability and extent of tax benefits depends on an investor’s personal circumstances, and is subject to change. The availability of tax reliefs also depends on the investee companies maintaining their qualifying status. Neither past performance nor forecasts are reliable indicators of future results and should not be relied upon. Unquoted or smaller company shares are likely to have higher volatility and liquidity risks than other types of shares quoted on the London Stock Exchange Official List. The information on our website is not intended to constitute investment, tax or legal advice. You must seek independent advice before investing in our services.

For full details of the risks associated with TIME:Advance please read the brochure and application pack.