TIME Investments and SIFA: Working in partnership


TIME is delighted to be working with SIFA as a strategic partner. We’re committed to supporting SIFA members through our nationwide business development team, who are on hand to keep advisers and paraplanners updated, provide planning ideas, enhance links with professional connections and provide technical support.



About TIME

We work in partnership with financial advisers, wealth managers and family offices to create and deliver innovative investment solutions for their clients. We recognise our solutions are not appropriate for all circumstances and it is important investors receive the right advice, which is why we recommend you seek independent financial advice before choosing to invest. Throughout our investment solutions we focus on providing consistent, stable returns delivered through a defensive and transparent investment strategy.



Our Solutions


FINAL Icons Colours -Advance TIME:Advance

TIME:Advance is a discretionary management service that allows investors to access Business Property Relief (BPR) to mitigate their Inheritance Tax (IHT) liabilities. TIME:Advance has been designed to offer investors a faster solution to IHT, within a simple and flexible structure. What’s more, it leaves investors in control of their money, which can be accessed should they need it.

TIME:Advance can offer investors:

  • A focus on capital preservation through a defensive investment strategy
  • An uncapped target return of 3.5% per annum
  • Access to the experience, market knowledge and hands-on business expertise provided by the expert team at TIME
  • Transparent investment philosophy and competitive fee structure
  • The option of regular quarterly withdrawals
  • Opportunity for full encashment, should investors need access to their capital



TIME:EIS invests in shipping, offering investors an asset backed opportunity in a global industry that has been established for hundreds of years. Shipping is a sector recently identified by the Government as vital to the UK economy and one it is keen to support. This non-contentious business model makes TIME:EIS an excellent fit within the EIS regulations – which is why advance assurance from HM Revenue & Customs has already been granted. Asset backing will take the form of physical ownership of assets i.e. ships, providing added security for investors.

“A thriving maritime sector is extremely important in supporting the wider UK economy” Department for Transport, September 2015

TIME:EIS offers individuals the opportunity to invest in smaller companies and take advantage of the significant tax advantages provided by the EIS. This enables clients to potentially benefit from:

  • 30% Income Tax relief (up to a maximum of £1 million each tax year)
  • The opportunity to carry-back Income Tax relief to the previous tax year
  • Capital Gains Tax deferral
  • Inheritance Tax Relief (through Business Property Relief)
  • Opportunity for capital growth (which is also free of Capital Gains Tax)


FINAL Icons Colours -CTC TIME:CTC (Corporate Trading Companies)

TIME:CTC has been designed to help businesses utilise or reinstate existing Business Property Relief, allowing them to potentially remove their Inheritance Tax liabilities. Our strategy allows business owners to maintain control of their assets, avoiding the need for trusts or to give away assets to obtain relief.

TIME:CTC works by moving excess cash back into trading activities, which in turn reinstates Business Property Relief. A business owner invests surplus cash into TIME:CTC where it is used to set up a bespoke company which participates in asset backed, qualifying trades. The investor is the sole shareholder of the new company and will also benefit from the support and specialist advice from our panel of Non-Executive Directors. This group of industry experts is fully independent from TIME, with members selected to join based on their strong knowledge and track record in specific industries.

TIME:CTC can offer investors:

  • An attractive, uncapped target annual return of 3.5%
  • A focus on capital preservation through a defensive investment strategy
  • A solution to reinstate BPR, often immediately and mitigate IHT
  • The opportunity to retain control of their investment
  • Access to the experience, market knowledge and hands-on business expertise provided by the expert team at TIME
  • Option of full encashment, should investors need access to their capital


FINAL Icons Colours -05 TIME:Commercial Freehold

TIME is an experienced property investor; our original property fund, TIME:Freehold, boasts an impressive 22 year track record of delivering steady positive returns and sustained liquidity for investors. Building on this experience, we’ve recently launched TIME:Commercial Freehold, which invests in commercial property with long dated income streams (known as long income property), to deliver a target gross distribution of 4% pa with the potential for capital growth.

TIME:Commercial Freehold is structured as a tax efficient Property Authorised Investment Fund (PAIF), a type of Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) that is authorised by the FCA. The Fund will also benefit from NURS classification, as an authorised fund thereby offering enhanced investor protection.


FINAL Icons Colours -Freehold TIME:Freehold

TIME:Freehold is our original property fund with more than £230 million invested and boasting a 22 year track record of delivering consistent inflation beating returns uncorrelated with the stock market and property prices. It provides investors with diversified exposure to over 64,000 UK ground rents and is managed by our highly experienced team.

The phenomenal success of TIME:Freehold has lead us to impose a 5% dilution levy on the fund, to protect existing investors. The dilution levy is applied to all new investments into the fund; to find out more please speak to one of our team.