We are pleased to announce that TIME:EIS Dry Bulk Shipping tranche 2 has now closed after reaching capacity ahead of the 2016/17 tax year end.

With capacity reached we can no longer accept funds for this investment opportunity. If you have any questions about this, please speak to a member of our team on 020 7391 4747 or email questions@time-investments.com.


ISA planning for tax year end

With only a few days left of this tax year, many of your clients will be responding to the annual ISA mantra of ‘use it or lose it’. Why not take the opportunity to combine the usual ISA planning with some IHT planning? We offer our low cost TIME:AIM ISA portfolio service, which takes advantage of Business Property Relief (BPR) to free your client’s ISA investment from any IHT liability in only two years.

Find out more about combining ISA planning with our lower cost, smart passive AIM IHT service




Posted: 14/03/2017 Categories: News, TIME:EIS