Recorded on 19 September 2019. In the below recording, Senior BDM, Henny Dovland and Specialist BDM, Simon Clark discuss how investing in infrastructure can diversify your portfolio, provide exposure to real assets and target to generate a consistent income of 5% p.a.

Due to years of underinvestment into critical infrastructure areas, The McKinsey Group Institute estimates the world needs to invest an average of $3.3 trillion globally to support expected rates of population and economic growth over the next 15 years [1]. While a great deal of this will be focused on developing counties, opportunities do lie closer to home. Newly appointed Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has promised vital infrastructure investment, which is a huge opportunity for investors wanting to invest in UK infrastructure [2].

In early 2018, TIME Investments launched TIME:Defensive Income Securities, which offers a consistent income and a degree of inflation protection, but also lower volatility. The Fund invests in a diversified, balanced portfolio of shares of UK-listed real asset owning companies. The portfolio currently invests in infrastructure assets, renewable energy, real estate and secured lending.

Posted: 23/09/2019 Categories: Infrastructure, News, TIME:UK Infrastructure Income